Monday, May 16, 2011

Memorial Poem to Deceased HS Classmates

In Memory of our Departed Classmates
(Ron Stewart, Ron McLaury, Bill Arthur, Bob Stohr, Pat Potratz, Richard Decker,
Mardelle Parkinson, Jane Nus, Linda Whiteford)

Nine classmates have been deleted from our original roster,
Five male, four female, representing the tri-cities of the school district,
Felled by accidents and disease alike,
Some with advanced warning,
Some taken suddenly and in relative anonymity.

Ronnie Stewart, the first to go, a rebellious sort and my football cohort;
Ron McClaury, with his wily nature and mischievous spirit;
Bill Arthur, morphed into a vital member of the Westgate community;
Bob Stohr, whose gentle nature, tied to his family’s turkey farm status;
Pat Potratz, my soft-spoken neighbor and dear classmate K thru 12;
Richard Decker, with whom I shared the ‘Westgate experience’ K thru 12;
Mardelle Parkinson, held in high regard as a classy lass with a purposeful drive;
Linda Whiteford, who projected mystery and a resolute will;
Jane Nus, my ‘first love,’ only to be taken by another Bender!

Also, Mr. K, our beloved Principal and role model extraordinaire.

May we all extract the best held in each of their lives, as well as in their passing,
Holding our memories and their spirits as we all traverse the ‘autumn of our lives.’

Nate Bender – 5/2011

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