Sunday, October 9, 2011

Autumn in Mississippi - Poem


Lured by weather so cool and pure,
Seasonal callings to drift and envelop the sensations therein,
Only to be enriched by biking on the Long Leaf Trace.

Testing the effect of recently begun spinning classes
While letting internal musings flow to and fro,
Zeroing in on future plans and undertakings.

Fellow trekkers predictably friendly,
Naturally acknowledging each other’s shared presence in the bosom of nature,
Heightening feelings of connectivity with fellow travelers, young and old.

Noting increased strength and endurance,
Extending the effort beyond 20 miles became tempting,
Knowing ‘everything in moderation’ is best for living long and well!

Invigorated by the morning journey,
Realizing my newly formed exercise regimen
Will likely prevent knee replacement in the near run.

So blessed it is to have time and health to savor life,
A life held in retirement, where ‘bucket-lists’ can be fulfilled,
And the aging process augmented by expanding community of friends and family.

Nate Bender

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