Saturday, February 4, 2012

Of Ignorance and Intractability - Poem

It can be said we live in a polarizing society/world,
Marked by binary positions from which lives are shaped:
Conservative vs Liberal
Republican vs Democrat vs Libertarian vs Independent
Republican in name only (RINO)
Democrat in name only (DINO)
Tea Partier vs all of the above
Regulators vs free enterprisers
Socialism vs Capitalism
Organized Laborers vs Non-organized labor
1 percenters vs 99 percenters
Rich vs poor
Believers vs non-religious
White vs Black vs Brown vs Yellow
Sunni vs Shiite
Jew vs Gentile
Main Stream vs Evangelical vs Fundamentalism
On and on the delineations are formed,
Generating uncompromising adherence to narrowly defined sets of dogma,
Accompanied by distortions of truth and designations of ‘the enemy.’
Ignorance of different ‘maps of reality,’
Make fertile, the ground for division and separation in the world community,`
While diminishing shared common pathways to enlightenment or salvation.
Ultimately, we sacrifice living with unity of purpose,
And potential for enriching the human condition.
The challenges are daunting, yet hold opportunity for creative change.

Nathan J. Bender 2/4/2012

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