Sunday, July 15, 2012

Nate the Great at 69 By Sandra Bender - Poem

Do I dare say it? My honey, my lover, my constant companion
is getting older.
When we met, he walked in bounds--I could not keep up.
He is slower now.
The hands that held balls of various shapes, the arms that threw them, the legs that carried them down the field
succumbed to the sting of a nest of wasps.
His ears have failed, yet he persists in seeking
the finest technology to maintain his status as the great communicator.

As his body brings challenges, his spirit blazes new trails.
He is the heart of the family tenderly nurturing our children
who ache with challenges of their own.
He listens, he consoles, he confronts, he inspires.
He has discovered his brain and delights in using it.
New ideas come to him, such as unifying differences, left and right, male and female, religious and spiritual--he appreciates all.
And did I mention cheese? Nate makes several varieties--classic mozzarella, soupy or crumbly, and always delicious.

His love is sweeter now, more reliable, less distracted.
Years have worn defenses and protections away,
leaving pure presence.
Yearning for distant lands and adventures have made way for contentment.
What will the future bring for the man with everything?

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