Saturday, October 13, 2012


  1. On Sandra’s 68th Birthday`

    On October 12th we find my lady coming of age, at 68 no less!
    We find her free of former insecurities, now holding new confidence.
    We find her still holding more causes than time can allot,

    Once an unthinkable age, 68 now represents a new beginning!
    Having beaten the odds of cancer’s cruel prophesies,
    We find her health and well-being reflecting increased vitality.

    Ever driven by a propensity to learn and master,
    She’s now discovered yoga and the merits of ‘drifting,’
    Allowing time for naps, while inducing deeper levels of sleep.

    Most of all, we find Sandra in the midst of the best time of her life,
    With freedom to come and go, while taking on new enterprises,
    Not the least of which is her evolving gardening efforts.

    And, Sandra finds ever-deepening discoveries in her marital union,
    Aided and abetted by conversations, both light and deeply far reaching,
    While supporting the aging process, now moving all too fast.

    Happy Birthday Sandra’re the best addition to my life, ever.

    Eternal and unwavering love, cometh here from Nate