Wednesday, September 25, 2013



Here at the table now we pray--
Keep us together day by day;
may this, our family circle, be
held fast by love and unity.

Blest be the hand that plants the seed,
Blest be the Earth giving all that we need.
Blest be the food we share among friends,
Blest be the love that never ends.

May we be connected to all things loving,
Protected from all things evil,
And guided in all ways gracious.

Candle Lighting:

For daylight and darkness.
for sunshine and rain,
for the earth and all people,
we offer deep thanksgiving.
We kindle this light in celebration
of the life that we share.

May the light of this chalice give light and
   warmth to our family.
On good days and bad, happy and sad,
And may we feel the warmth spread from our
   family circle
to wider and wider circles,
Until we feel our family part of the one circle of life.

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