Friday, December 27, 2013

Our 27th Anniversary

Our 27th Anniversary

How fast these years have sped,
Filling my insatiable appetite for memories!

Older memories constantly merging with new experiences,
All serving as aids in sustaining my vitality and zest for life!

Together, we embark on quests to add quality to our lives,
Fueled by knowledge and guidance from Namaste Center.

Supporting each other’s freedom to be fully expressed,
Become aids to new discoveries and enriched intimacy.

While exploring endless possibilities held in our advancing years,
We remain vigilant to the perils and risks held therein.

Recognizing the good life we have co-created,
We celebrate the bounties and share them with others.

So, how about we embrace what we’ve accomplished,
Carrying their accumulations forward to new horizons?

Here’s to celebrating our joys and sorrows,
Carrying all we have into our 28th year of marital life!

Love eternal, Hubby Dear

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