Sunday, October 12, 2014

Marking Sandra's 70th

Marking Sandra’s 70th

Autumn has arrived!
Time for mother-nature to change her markings!
It’s also time for Sandra to change her markings.
It’s time for her to embrace her septuagenarian status.

Let’s anchor this milestone with words and acts of endearment.

Once considered a distant and unattainable benchmark,
We find validating evidence for her to extend the journey.
Her mind is sharp as a tack.
Her spirit is expansive and pure.
Her body has regained the stamina of yore.

Her relentless pursuit of information for healthy living
Has resulted in the creation of a bevy of resource material,
And a wellspring of information and knowledge,
Often exceeding that of most professionals.

No longer pulled to fit into external norms,
She’s found unfolding joy and relevance
Derived from following her fertile intuitive leanings.
How about organic gardening?
How about mothering three hens?
She tackles the learning curve with vigor!

Is it a news letter that needs to be formatted?
She can do that quite skillfully!
Is it bullet-proof coffee you desire?
She can turn that production over to her dude!
Is it problem-solving in which you need help?
Why she’s a master facilitator of that process as well.

As the mother of three and grandmother of five
In a blended family mix,
Her status is unquestioned,
While providing security and support for the next generations.

Perhaps most of all, Sandra’s 70th year mark
Bears fruit in her marital union so rich and divine!
Her devotion and accompanying allure
Make for the creation of special memories and stories for her memoirs!

Happy 70th Birthday my love, Nate

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