Tuesday, January 4, 2011

2010 Holiday Poem to Sandra

Marking our seventh Christmas/New Years in retirement,
Our twenty-sixth in total, it is duly noted!
This one seems more poignant and pivotal than previous ones.
Older we have become, wiser it can be assumed as well!
Windows of freedom and opportunity are emerging it seems.
As our relationship weathers the storms of aging and all,
Potential exists to embrace revealing discoveries and truths;
Living a life in search thereof is to live connected with the Divine.
Your receptivity to my dream world and multiple musings
Creates space to continue the search for meaning and purpose.
For that, my appreciation is large, positively affecting our relationship for sure.
So, here’s to entering a brand-new year with energized expectancy,
Paralleling the growth of our love-connection ta boot!

With Loving Feelings…...your Hubby-Dear

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