Saturday, November 22, 2014

August's 6th Birthday Poem

Happy 6th Birthday greetings to August Bender

Holy Moly, is August now 6 years old?
It seems like it was only yesterday he was five years old!
Time passes fast when we grow older, doesn’t it?
Well then, it must be time to celebrate, right?
Will there be surprises?
Will there be singing a ‘happy birthday August’ song?
Not many people have a birthday on Thanksgiving Day,
So let’s make it a special day.
Let’s recognize the many ways in which August is special;
He likes to swim in the water,
He likes to ride his bicycle,
He likes to climb up hills and other things,
He likes to build different things,
He likes to help his parents prepare meals,
He likes to teach sister Lucy new words and skills,
And, he likes to learn new things in school.
All in all, let’s take note that August is one special person,
And his Grandpa Bender is very proud to have him as his grandson.

I love you forever and a day,

Grandpa Bender

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