Sunday, June 20, 2010

Fathers Day Poem - Sandra's

In twenty-five years of Father’s Days
I have witnessed your becoming more fatherly, leaderly,
As you have grown into your place at the head of your clan.
One child you conceived; two you earned but no less worthy
Of your devotion, energy, compassion, and advice.

You have become the partner I always wanted
Who I trust to uphold the wellbeing of our children.
The toddlers pummel you with unrestrained vigor.
The emerging teens enter your space tentatively
with requests for engagement.
Our adult children count on your wise perspective.

The inexorable march of generations is upon you
As you incorporate the growth of our children
With your own quest for a meaningful life.
You study, search, feel, question, and most importantly express.
But your relevance is held in those who will follow.

With love,
Your Babe

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