Sunday, June 13, 2010

This in Itself is Enough - Poem

At first he was a neighbor, she a friend of a friend.

Interests intersecting, we crossed paths at times.

Gradually friendship grew between and among us,

As we shared food, fun, and activist concerns.

Privileged to be among the small band of their wedding guests,

We bought the champagne and toasted love and commitment.

Only months later we toasted another marriage of sorts ~

Our joint commitment to a sailboat dream come true.

Intimacy, conflict, communication skills, and good-will,

Different habits and approaches, common rituals, win-win solutions.

We divided the work, designated the weekends, sailed together, too.

Years later we separated as boat partners, remaining special friends.

Then Judy joined Sandra in her going for the gold

And “Better Together for Couples” was miraculously forged.

Mostly harmonious, occasionally clashing these two strong women

Walked their talk, led their team, and birthed another dream.

Singly and together, Nate and Sandra generously and enthusiastically

make this world a better place.

They apply their personal integrity, professional skills and willingness to serve

To their profound commitment to individuals’ and couples’ joy and fulfillment.

They ask important questions, make helpful connections, bring out valued wisdom.

We know and trust Sandra and Nate deeply, uniquely.

With no other friends have we shared so nakedly.

Together we four have recast many pasts, co-created many futures, and savored many


Consciously aging, steadfastly supporting, we remain co-celebrants of the richness of



Judy Charlick

January 28, 2007

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