Wednesday, April 21, 2010

10/20/09 Bike Poem

October 20, 2009 on The Longleaf Trace

Autumn is springing most vividly on The Longleaf Trace,

Supporting the allure of a bicycle trip to Sumrall and back,

A thirty-miler in which to test stamina, while communing with the Divine.

New hearing aids make for increased connections to the sounds of nature,

Enhancing communications with fellow travelers along the way.

New found appreciation of the five senses is realized!

Encounters with fellow seniors validate the need to move and commune,

Revealing natural, soulful ties with all encountered,

Softening the edges of unspoken differences, so apparent.

If ever there be wonderings about a heavenly existence,

Validations can be found traversing The Longleaf Trace,

Where ties to man and nature abound and spiritual footings are implanted.

Nate Bender

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