Wednesday, April 21, 2010

My 52' Chevy - Poem

My 52’ Chevy

By Nate Bender - 2007

A pitiful sight she was, disposed in nearby junk yard all alone.

Dust and grime-caked, with chipped paint,

Her engine no longer functional,

Her tires old, flat and bald, and a radio not even installed.

Out of the refuse she was towed,

Washed and waxed on the outside.

Shampooed and scrubbed on the inside.

Used tires mounted like new.

Reclaimed for a college-bound lad,

A symbol of freedom and emancipation she became.

Reclamation efforts ably supported by father so tall,

A rebuilt 56’ Chevy engine brought her to life.

Sans hood, her shiny blue valve cover glistened for all.

Two years of loyal support my 52’ Chevy provided.

Meeting her master’s every traveling need

Was all she could bear,

Back to the junk-yard from whence she came,

For a final resting before becoming recycling material.

Off to California her master embarked, mature and free now,

No longer in need of transportation so basic.

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