Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Bike Trek Poem

Eighty one miles the bicycle trek did span,

From Hattiesburg to Sumrall,

On to Bassfield, then to Prentiss, and back.

Ample time to absorb the energies of nature,

Listening for messages to guide his retirement journey,

While bathing in the splendor of perfect autumn days.

Frolicking deer, in the midst of their mating season,

Scampering rabbits exploring open spaces,

Squirrels collecting food for the winter months ahead.

Cows lounging in the shade of an old oak tree,

Emu and llama peacefully grazing in rolling pasture land,

Secure in the confines of their non-native land.

Chance encounters with native sons and daughters,

Made for exchanges both light and connective,

All the while anchoring ties to human kind, whatever their origin.

Gracious outpourings of Asian Indian couple,

Offered to share their chicken dinner without compensation,

Valuing interest in their native land and food.

Enriched by the two-day journey,

Homeward bound portion became a breeze,

Savoring the rigor and enrichment of a blessed life!

Nate Bender - 11/13/09

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