Friday, April 30, 2010

“Sandy B” - Poem

“Sandy B”

by ‘Hubby Dear’

Born into a rural Mississippi family huddled far from their roots,

Making a go of it while Daddy’s fighting a far away war.

Humble and parochial though her beginnings were defined,

Nothing could impede her determination to learn and compete.

Every challenge was tackled with quiet, sober resolve.

A trademark carried throughout her sixty two years.

Academic achievement became both inviting and rewarding,

A nursing degree, with honors she earned, a psychologist she became.

Uncovering continuing education opportunities in faraway Ohio,

Her dormant flowers found light and room to fully blossom.

Socially reticent, driven by personality type and genetic forces,

New confidence and capabilities emerged via training and therapy.

Eschewing pretense in favor of disarming authenticity,

Idle chit-chat is not her forte, for emotional matters hold strongest claim.

Committed to growing a blended family and fostering intimacy among all,

She’s created enduring purpose in making the mark of her legacy complete.

Child of the earth, mother earth she’s become, in the third stage of her life,

Tilling the soil, growing flowers and veggies, show her latest passion.

Now faced with the ultimate challenge of all – surviving cancer,

She embraces it with rigorous study, introspection and dietary change.

She’s drawn to a slower place and more contemplative processes,

Revealing deeper aspects of self, while avoiding spiritual poverty.

With Hubby at her side, this phase of her life has become an even richer partnership,

Fostering new energy, healing and curiosity about an unfolding future,

Happy 62nd Birthday!

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