Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Mississippi Sunshine

I woke up with golden sunshine

Playing with the dead leaves

Around my blue-green swimming pool.

The crisp, clear air compelled me to fill my lungs.

Golden sunshine makes joy bubble within my rib cage

As I wonder what to do next, or not to do.

I no longer follow instructions from the General:

Tend to this, complete that.

Instead, I am occupied—busy noticing sunshine

That plays in my mind, kicking around words

To convey the colors of light: yellow, orange, blue and red.

Or are those the colors of the flowers reflecting the light?

About four o’clock, Mississippi sunshine becomes melancholy

As shadows lengthen and the day prepares its exit.

No, don’t leave yet. I want more time, please.

Please don’t remind me that days are numbered.

The white wisps against a pale blue sky yield to bright orange and red,

A sunset that Mississippi natives will return just to see.

Bushes are more deep green now.

The air gently stirs, barely able to move the pampas grass.

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