Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Coming of Age Poem

Coming of Age @ 65!

Sandy-Babes has now arrived at a mythical age of maturity!

At 65 she’s validating the tenet of ‘improving with age,’

Growing in wisdom and functionality with each passing day.

From the despair of a cancer diagnosis, now three years past,

She’s emerged as a student and purveyor of preventative strategies,

Evolving into a mission for the rest of her life.

Managing her 88 year old mother’s care

Holds blessings and concerns,

As she somehow finds energy and will to balance her life.

Looking into the future reveals an emerging life of increased value,

Ministering to her growing collection of family and friends,

While advancing sustainable and organic living for self and others.

On top of it all, she’s a life partner to her hubby most devoted,

Challenging and prodding in every way she can muster,

All the while, generating new life and meaning in her marital union.

Happy 65th ‘little girl,’ from your Hubby Dearest! 10/12/09

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