Friday, April 30, 2010

In Remission on Valentine’s Day – 2008 - Poem

In Remission on Valentine’s Day – 2008

The journey has been long and “gut-checking,”

Marked by transformative undertakings, large and small.

From a ‘task-oriented’ mind-set has emerged a ‘flowing’ quality,

Which begets calm repose.

From SAD, animal-based foods, a Vegan, quite disciplined,

You have become.

From an erratic approach to exercise,

A consistent pattern of physical rigor you’ve adopted.

From deep emotional responses to the travails and joys of life,

More detachment you’ve developed, and thus appreciation for deeper meanings.

Revealed in this year of remission is a wife, daughter, mother and friend,

Now more equipped to embrace more wonders held in the autumn of your life.

With loving reverence from your Hubby Dear,


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