Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Op-Ed Kincannon Rebuttal

Response to Thank You, President Bush column

I was ‘stirred’ by Craig Kincannon’s “Thank you, President Bush” community column in the Thanksgiving’s edition, and feel compelled to share my perspective on president Bush and leadership. As a retired Organization Development consultant, I provided multiple services in promoting organizational effectiveness in client organizations, including around mergers and acquisition.

One central comment to Mr. Kincannon’s posting: Leaders are never victims (‘victimology’ is a ploy of the weak) of external forces; instead, they use external forces to mobilize their organizational members/citizens/constituents, and ultimately hold themselves responsible and accountable for the results produced on their watch. Never do TRUE LEADERS blame others for any failings.

Bottom line………president Bush is a leadership failure, based on the status of the State of our collective Union, both internally and externally in the world. I find nothing to be thankful for re president Bush, as his leadership strategies and tactics were and are deeply flawed.

Final comment……..I wonder if Mr. Kincannon is part of the conservative-hate-mongers group!

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