Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Drifting on the Long Leaf Trace - Poem

Drifting on the Long Leaf Trace

(Nate Bender, March, 2005)

Crisp early morning air,

Capturing energy from the rising sun,

Uniting his spirit and flesh with surrounding space.

Alone at last on his beloved bike, a Giant no less,

Heading west on the Long Leaf Trace.

Air made colder by his moving bike, testing his internal thermostat.

Speeding through the green canopy of trees,

Free of care or responsibility,

Free to drift……free to just be.

Noting the mile markers to Sumrall and all,

Fifteen in number,

Conveniently placed in linear order.

Spontaneous musings come gurgling forth,

Memories and questions come in no particular order,

Internal melodies reveal the spirit of his soul.

As soreness develops in his seat, strained by effort and weight so great,

Neck stiff, hands and arms feeling numb.

Time for a rest stop, quite clearly it is known.

Lying upon a wooden deck, feet propped upon a bench.

Soothed by the gentle breeze of a warming Spring day,

Marveling at the radiance of blue skies above.

Thirty miles in all is covered this day,

Offering ample time for solitude and peaceful reflection,

Nurturing his inner world, so filled with images and sensations.

Fatigued, yet regenerated,

Knowing he has finally come home to Mississippi,

Via the Long Leaf Trace

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